• Complete Identification Credential/Card Systems (Package Discounts)
  • Passport Photos
  • Notary Public Service,  24/7 Mobile Service Available
  • Visitor Management Software & Hardware
  • Photo, Fingerprint, and Signature Equipment
  • Access Control Cards & E-Cards Programmed With Your Facility Code
  • Employee Identification Credentials, Cards & Name Tags
  • Concert, Fair, Media & Convention Credentials, Custom Gift Cards
  • All Supplies; Ink Ribbons, Blank cards & All Accessory Attachments
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California International Airshow
Central Coast Police Agencies
Central Coast Unified School Districts
Central Coast Hospitals
Taylor Farms

Always Be Aware Who You Are Giving Your Personal Private Information To. There Are Many Places Popping Up Around California Offering Identification & Fingerprinting Services, Some Legit However Many Others Are Not!!! It Only Takes One Time For Your Identity To Be In The Wrong Hands And Be Stolen! Once It’s Been Stolen & Sold Out On The Internet, This Devastating Situation Will Take A Tremendous Amount Of Resource: Time, Money And Stress To Fix. You Can Avoid This Altogether By Knowing Who You Are Dealing With. Central Coast Law Enforcement, Fire & City Government Agencies Trust ID Concepts, You Can Too.

ID Concepts, The Most Secure Identification Agency On The Central Coast, With Friendly Professional Staff Members Ready To Assist You. Our Diverse Experience In The Emergency Services Field Have Made Us Extremely Knowledgeable In The Needs Of The Industry & The Many Applicable Uses Of Having A Safe Secure Identification System And Accountability System Unique To Each Customer’s Needs. We Are Devoted To Ensuring That You Have Every Available Means To Protect Your Family, Friends And Employees. ID Concepts Is A Manufacturer & Supplier Of Custom Made Identification Cards, Equipment, Supplies & Service. And Extremely Proud To Work With The Central Coast Law Enforcement & Fire Agencies, They Trust ID Concepts With All Their Identification Services And You Can Too. We Look Forward In Assisting With All Your Identification Requirements.

ID Cards/Credentials & Promotional Cards Are Custom Designed To Your Organizations’ Specifications.

Available Card Features Can Include A Holographic Layer That Is Heat Sealed Onto The Card And Ensures That The Credentials Have Not Been Tampered With, Smart Card Codes That Store Additional Information About The Cardholder That Is Kept From View But Can Be Accessed With Bar Code Readers. Some Examples Of Information That Can Be Stored Within The Bar Codes Are Name, Address, Phone Number, Special Identification Numbers, Certifications, Emergency Contact Information, Medical History, Medications, Allergies, Security Clearance, And Serial Numbers For Inventory Or Identification Purposes. All Information Is Kept In A Database For Future Retrieval. All Information Is Kept Strictly Confidential And Always Secured.

Complete Identification Systems, Single Identification Cards, Software, Cameras, Ink Cartridges, Blank PVC Cards, Printers, Die Cutters, Slot Punches, Laminators, And More Than 4,000 ID Badge Attachments Consisting Of Strap Clips, Badge Holders, Badge Reels, Magnets, Lanyards And Much More. Because Identification Security Is Our Primary Segment, We Fully Support Our Customers In These Diverse Markets. This Includes Law Enforcement Agencies, Security Directors, Facilities Managers, And Human Resources Managers, As Well As Access Control Companies And Installers.

Whether You Need A Complete Identification Credential System, A Single ID Card Or Just Help With Your Existing System, ID Concepts Is Here To Support All Your Needs…