Fargo HDP6600 FD Single or Dual Sided ID Card Printer
Fargo HDP6600 FD Single or Dual Sided ID Card Printer

Fargo HDP6600 FD Single or Dual Sided ID Card Printer

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The HDP6600 ID Card Printer offers unprecedented print speeds without sacrificing high image quality. Surpassing other printers in its class, the desktop HDP6600 warms up in 60 seconds and can print up to 230 cards in an hour. Cost-effective and eco-friendly, it's ideal for Government, Healthcare, Corporations, and Universities. Backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty and lifetime printhead warranty, your printer will be reliable when you need it. Product Features High-definition retransfer printing: Featuring sixth-generation retransfer technology, the HDP6600 produces rich, vibrant, saturated color on cards. With over-the-edge printing, it's ideal for smart cards, proximity cards, and key tag cards. Unprecedented print speeds: Ready to print in 60 seconds, the HDP6600 prints at a speed of 230/hour, thanks to Fargo's iON technology, boosting productivity. Maximized printing efficiency: Print a card while simultaneously applying transfer film to the next card, expediting the printing process and increasing productivity. Enhanced physical security & durability: Retransfer printing ensures security and durability. Retransfer ribbons with a holographic mark increase security, while 600DPI resolution allows for security features like fine text and characters. Flexible and Secure Supplies: The HDP6600 supports various cards, ribbons, films, and laminates for card security and durability. It accepts standard retransfer film, high-durability retransfer film, or holographic retransfer film, along with all standard monochrome and color ribbons. Flexible Upgrade Options: Field-upgradable modules allow you to add features like dual-sided printing or encoding at any time, meeting your evolving needs. Optional Dual Sided Printing: Add dual-sided printing with a field-upgradable flipper module, providing extra space for additional cardholder information or duplicate card information. Ideal Applications Corporate IDs Government IDs Membership cards Gift cards Customer loyalty Health Cards Mass transit Student IDs

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