Magicard Prima 8 Single or Dual Side ID Card Printer
Magicard Prima 8 Single or Dual Sided ID Card Printer

Magicard Prima 8 Single or Dual Side ID Card Printer

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The Magicard Prima 8 retransfer printer creates secure and durable cards without sacrificing speed and print quality. With the ability to print up to 100 cards an hour, the Prima 8 is ideal for mid to large sized businesses. The FIPS 201 certification make this the ideal ID card printer for government use. Additionally, every Prima 8 printer comes with a three-year warranty, lifetime printhead coverage, so you'll never be left without a printer when you need it the most! High-volume retransfer printing Retransfer printing uses a two-step process that prints the image onto a thin film and then uses a heat transferring process to apply the image onto the surface of the card with over-the-edge printing. The added layer of film increases the durability of your ID cards and retains colors and quality much longer than a direct-to-card printer. Retransfer printing is also ideal for cards with uneven surfaces such as smart cards or cards with encoding. With the Prima801 a single-sided ID card only takes 36-seconds to print. With the ability to print up to 100 cards an hour, the Prima801 is one of the fastest retransfer printers on the market! FIPS 201 certified Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 201 - also known as FIPS 201 - is a certification used for the personalization of US government credentials. With this certification, the Magicard Prima 8 is listed on the GSA Approved Product List and meets the mandates for federal government use. FIPS 201 certified printers are an ideal ID card printer for federal government usage. High quality images Edge-to-edge printing and a 300-dpi resolution give your ID cards a photographic-quality - ideal for images, small text, and logos! Through the retransfer printing process, a high-resolution glossy image is applied directly onto your card for a high-quality look and added durability. UV print compatibility Ultraviolet (UV) compatibility is an affordable way to add additional security to your ID cards. With the Prima 8 single-sided printer, the UV panel can be easily applied with the Prima834 UV ribbon and is an ideal ID card printer for businesses such as federal government applications. The UV image or text will appear red when a special light is directed onto the card and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Because of this, counterfeiting your ID cards becomes more difficult and making them more secure. Standard UltraCoverPlus Warranty Included with every Magicard Prima 8 badge printer is Magicard's UltraCoverPlus three-year warranty with a lifetime printhead replacement. Customize your printer to your needs with: Dual-sided printing - Optional The Magicard Prima 8 ID card printer is available in single-sided and dual-sided options. View the Prima 8 Dual-Sided Printer. Card encoding - Optional The Magicard Prima 8 single-sided ID card printer is available with optional magnetic stripe, smart card and contactless encoding, allowing you to use your cards for more than just photo ID! Lamination - Optional The optional lamination unit allows you to increase card durability and security to your cards with holographic film or overlaminate patches. The Magicard Prima 8 inline lamination unit offer front loading for convenience and ease-of-use. The Prima801 LCD display panel allows you to adjust temperature and speed settings to optimize results for various card types. Special printer features Note: This product is FIPS201 approved and available via GSA.

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